What is it?

A science-based somatic therapy giving you tools to build resilience and recover from trauma. 

Our Western approach to trauma and mental health is top-down; meaning we "talk it out." There is plenty of data out there now, however, that shows how trauma and excess energy or emotion can remain trapped in our bodies as well as our minds. TRY incorporates both the "top-down" and "bottom-up" approaches to create a more holistic, effective method.

"TRY" stands for one of two things. Trauma Recovery Yoga, because it alleviates the physiological effects that trauma can have on your body. It also stands for Total Resilience Yoga because, if you're like me, I hadn't experienced a "Big T" trauma before my introduction to TRY. In fact, I had been teaching TRY classes and undergoing trauma-informed care trainings and then my big trauma occurred.


Because I'd been actively practicing TRY, the foundation of which is Self-Regulation for Resilience (SRR), I was able to ground myself, to reorient, and most importantly, to find my breath during my trauma. I had been unknowingly building up my resilience, and had the tools I needed in those crucial moments.

In sum, I was able to process the trauma in a healthy way. Because of these tools, I had that choice. And that's what I want to give to others. 

Who is it for?

Everyone. No experience required. Come as you are! 

I have taught this practice around the world ~ to refugees, displaced persons, individuals in homeless shelters and grieving mothers in Chicago. This practice has been an avenue through which I can empower others, and I strive to share it with the world!

Interested in Becoming Certified to Teach Trauma Recovery Yoga?

No Prior Yoga Experience Required 

The upcoming 20-hour virtual training is in October.