*Please note: IPSL's programs are available for undergrads, grads AND non-students!

If you've ever had the longing to study abroad, but maybe haven't felt it was possible for you for whatever reason, I feel you. I worked full-time through my undergraduate degree and, despite studying International Relations, I didn't think my circumstances would allow for such an opportunity. Fast forward a few years, and it's the last semester of my graduate program in Chicago. Some challenging experiences left me in a low place, forced to reflect on what I wanted in life, and one of those things was to study abroad. I had one semester left of graduate school so it was quite literally NOW or NEVER. 

IPSL Global Institute made it possible for me to experience studying and living in Greece where I finished my masters degree, and I can't speak highly enough of the program quality and ongoing support I've received. Now, as an IPSL ambassador, I want to share these resources with you and connect you with people and opportunities that can help make your dreams come true... and that's no exaggeration!

In my monthly informal 1-hour ZOOM chat, I will share my experience studying abroad, living in Thessaloniki, Greece, and how this directly led me to breaking into the global humanitarian field (now working with Syrian refugees in Iraqi Kurdistan)! 

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